Given its widespread use, the term "kaftan" is a common one in the fashion industry, but not everyone is familiar with it. We separate definition for yourself and offer data explains what this immortal piece of clothing addresses with this beginner’s guide to kaftans’.


A luxury fashion garment that is recognized all over the world and has been typically associated with royalty since the Ottoman Empire. Exotic fabrics and extravagant embellishments were used in Ottoman-style kaftans at the time, showcasing individuality and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. After that, the Middle East, a portion of Africa, and even Russia were all home to similar variations of the tunic-style attire. This was unmistakably a representation of how stylish and comfortable this garment was, and it has since endured.

With the hippie generation of the 1970s and celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor draped in designer kaftans, the kaftan as a garment became popularized for its comfort appeal and colorful prints. This later became commonplace when other well-known designers included kaftans in their summertime collections. As a result, kaftans—especially beach kaftan dresses—became a staple piece of women's clothing for vacationers who spent a lot of time lounging at the pool or beach.

These modern, colorful outfits have begun to transcend use not only as resort-only fashion items but also as occasion wear items and day-to-day wear items. Typically made with bright, colorful, and one-of-a-kind print designs that reference traditional West, Southwest, and South Asian cultures combined with on trend color palettes and styles, these outfits have begun to transcend use. We presently dig somewhat more profound into the fundamentals of the actual kaftan and lessen any further misgivings you might have while wearing a kaftan interestingly with some recommended style tips to make things much simpler.


Given its large size and extensive use of fabric, many of you will be afraid of getting lost in a kaftan. At The Kaftan Company, we offer fitted kaftans, as opposed to the "free size" kaftans of the past. This implies you can match the size diagram recommended by us to your estimations and pick styles from S(Small) straight up to 3XL. In this way guaranteeing your figure is complemented without settling on style.


Kaftans used to be free-spirited and intended for resort and loungewear. As market leaders, we've added many more categories since then to make it easier for first-time buyers like you to find the right kaftan. These include: Kaftan Nightwear, Kaftan Loungewear, Kaftan Beachwear and Resort Wear, Kaftan Kurtas, Kaftan Maternity Wear, Kaftan Kidswear, Kaftan Tunics, Kaftan Casualwear and Kaftan Partywear. Basically, a kaftan to cover every single event.


Because kaftans are associated with comfort, picking the right material can make all the difference. We use the finest cottons, viscose, satin, and modal fabrics the majority of the time to ensure maximum breathability and comfort that will have you hooked after just one wear.


Even though the kaftan may initially appear to be a little more straightforward, it is an extremely versatile garment. Given the variety of kaftans we offer, make sure to match your outfit to the look you want to achieve with the right bag, necklace, belt, or shoes. We guarantee that there is a kaftan for every possible appearance. As you can probably already tell, kaftans are a stylish, comfortable, and versatile garment.

We hope to have allayed your concerns about purchasing a kaftan for the first time and look forward to you wearing one for the first time with us!

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